Updated: May 2024
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The latest Sitges Cinema listings (and Sant Pere de Ribes). 

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Note that VE means Spanish version, ie the film is either in its original Spanish or it's dubbed into Spanish. CAT means Catalan version, ie the film is either in its original Catalan or it's dubbed into Catalan. VOSE next to a film means subtitled in Spanish. In other words, the film will be in its original language (ie English in many cases), with Spanish subtitles. VOSC means the film is in its original language with Catalan subtitles, and VOSI means the film is in its original language (usually Spanish or Catalan in this case), with English subtitles.

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Slim pickings over the next few days for cinema fans who want to watch films in English. There is just one showing of Garfield in its original English, in Sant Pere de Ribes. All the other movies this week are dubbed into Spanish, or appear in their original Spanish and/or Catalan.  Some of them look very interesting, nonetheless. See below for titles, synopses and dates/times). 

Garfield Synopsis: Based on the popular comic strip, this live-action comedy follows the exploits of Garfield (Bill Murray), the large, lazy and wisecracking cat owned by hapless Jon Arbuckle (Breckin Meyer). Jon’s other housemate, Odie, is a dim but sweet dog who frequently annoys Garfield. When the conniving orange feline gets fed up with Odie, he devises a way to get rid of the pooch. However, after Garfield has a change of heart about Odie, he must find a way to get his fellow pet back.

Disco Ibiza Locomia Synopsis: We are in Spain in the mid-80s. A group of friends led by Xavi Font, have just arrived in Ibiza pursuing their dream of devoting themselves to fashion. There they are discovered by producer José Luís Gil, a music industry magnate who is looking for new talents to launch a group.

Pájaros Synopsis: To survive, Columbo combines working in a 24-hour garage with selling marijuana. Mario lives as a lawyer and in his free time he is very interested in birds. Both, now 50 years old, begin to rethink their lives and decide to go to Europe, which will change them completely. Country by country, they will analyze their lives, their relationships with family and friends, and whether they know how to love or not. Their whole world will be completely turned upside down.

Mentre Siguis Tu Synopsis: After 50 years in theatre, film and television, Carme Elias is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. Together with Claudia Pinto, a director and friend, they decide to record her last conscious voyage. The characters played by Carme accompany this difficult period, while the borders between fiction and reality disappear. Mientras seas tú / While You're Still You is a constant game of mirrors, a pact of love and friendship. A "living" film which will continue to shoot while it screens at the festival, as a powerful invitation to grab the present. 

Siempre nos Quedará Mañana Synopsis: Trying to escape from the patriarchy in the Italian post-war society, Delia plots an act of rebellion against her violent husband.

Cristina Garcia Rodero, La Mirada Oculta Synopsis: Fiercely independent, self-taught and critically acclaimed, Spanish photographer Cristina García Rodero, National Photography Award winner, was the first to capture her country’s festivals – religious and pagan – and it took her 15 years to complete them.

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Carrer d’Angel Vidal, 17, 23, Sitges

Phone: 938 94 01 37
Tickets from €5.50 here

Retiro is being refurbished

Cinema Ribes 

Centre Parroquial, Pl Marcer, 7, Sant Pere

Phone: 622211180
Tickets from €5.50 here

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