Updated: May 2024

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Sitges for English Speakers is a trusted resource for thousands of people from here and from all over the world who live in and around Sitges and speak or understand English.

Whoever you are and wherever you’re from, you’re most welcome in Sitges, and here on this site! You are warmly invited to Sitges events and your presence is greatly appreciated in Sitges restaurants and Sitges businesses. Your children, too, will quickly become part of the community at Sitges schools. If you wish to become a homeowner in Sitges, we want you to realise your dream – and we invite you to read our guide to understanding the process.

Our mission is to help you to participate in Sitges. We want you to feel included in the life of this wonderful town, regardless of where you are from; who you love; how old you are; what accessibility needs you have; or any other factor that may hinder your participation in some communities of the world. 

We do this in 4 ways:

We provide a comprehensive English language guide to living in Sitges. Whether you need to enrol for a school or healthcare, catch a train or understand a rental contract, we have information and advice for you, continuously revised and updated! And if you can’t find the help you need on the site, you can ask in our community. The answers given there everyday help us to keep the site up to date. 

We provide a carefully curated directory to help you find what you need in Sitges and participate in the life of the town. In particular, our search and filter options reflect areas of interest to our users, eg (for events) English speaking, LGBTQIA+ or child friendly events or (for restaurants) wheelchair accessible, dog friendly, gluten free options, vegan options and more!

We are proud to support the local economy and society, which is why you can post your event, school, business or restaurant details free of charge, complete with photos, videos, contact links and more. We will also optimise your listing with no charge. Just go to the relevant page to see how to add your listing, and contact us below if you have any issues.

We publish features which inform our audience about local news, culture and things to do. 

The Sitges for English Speakers private Facebook community  is a well known and very active forum of over 7,000 people who share tips, warnings, recommendations and advice. Much of the information on this site reflects the needs, discoveries and wisdom of the online community.

This site and the community were founded by James Douglas.  

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